Our Equipment


At Berkeley Electrical, we are fully equipped with bending press, shearing machine, cutting machine, grooving machine, lock forming, welding machine, drill press machine, spot welding machine and other power equipment necessary for manufacture of installation requirements.


For electrical installations and testing we have all the necessary electrical test equipment such as power and event logger, insulation resistance testers, digital volt and ammeters, earth resistance testers and loop impedance testers.


For HVAC and mechanical systems we have vacuum pump sets, digital thermometers, velometers, psychrometers and digital tachometer.



We also have a full compliment of required installation equipment such as percussion and hammer drill machines, grinding and cutting machines, crimping tools, scaffolding, ladders, vehicles etc.

Our Environment

We, at Berkeley Electrical are committed to the protection of the environment, specifically the ozone layer. The depletion of the ozone layer is the single most important challenge to the world environment today.

The ozone layer depletion has lead to more Ultra Violet rays reaching the surface of the earth that are harmful to the environment in many ways and also to human beings, notably can cause skin cancer and corneal cell damage.


As a member of the Montreal protocol 1997 (as well as various other conventions such as Vienna, Copenhagen amendment 1992, Beijing amendment, etc), Tanzania has set a timetable to stop the use of CFCs imported by 2007 not to exceed 15% and by 2010 no more importation of CFCs.


CFCs like R12 and R22 gas (hydro chlorofluorocarbons), are chemicals that are harmful to ,the ozone layer, and they are found in most commonly used home and office appliances such refrigerators, fridges, freezers, cold rooms, split ACs, window ACs, package ACs, VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems and central air conditioning plants such as chillers.


Berkeley Electrical is currently the only company utilizing CFC free R407C SPLIT ACs, R410A SMMS systems and R134A chiller systems which are all non ozone depleting and environmentally friendly.

Enviroment Objectives

As a responsible company we take action to achieve a number of environment objectives as indicated below.

Communicate the Berkeley Electrical environment protection policy to all our staff, clients, and in some cases, consultants.


Comply with appropriate environmental laws, mainly the Montreal protocol requirements and incorporate them into our company’s business practices.


Adopt a self regulatory approach towards usage of CFCs.

Minimize the environmental impact and actively pursue practical initiatives.


Integrating environmental elements into our business plans.

Promote awareness and review environmental documentation.